Be Well , Live Well

Director : Zoe Lin
Assitant Director : Dora Tsai

Editor : Dora Tsai

[ commercial ]

Wellell,這是一個來自台灣的經營超過30年的醫療科技器材公司APEX全新的品牌。這次要為他們製作一支全球品牌形象影片(Brand Film)。


Wellell, a new global brand from APEX, a medical technology company with over 30 years of experience in Taiwan, is proud to present our brand film. The heartwarming storyline follows a single father and his daughter, with Wellell providing tender care and unwavering support to the father's respiratory condition.

The film's theme of "Tender and Unseen Love" conveys our brand's care for the health and well-being of our customers, while our declaration, "Life, joy, and well-being for everyone are Wellell's source of motivation," echoes through each storyline and character. Let Wellell be your gentle and reliable companion in life.

Client : Wellell
Agency : DDG

Year : 2022