Circular Economy
in Architecture 循環建築



This documentary is all about circular architecture, taking viewers on a journey into a whole new world.
It shows us that in the face of our current human predicament, we need to "reduce" first – reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, and more. Circular architecture is a cutting-edge concept that challenges traditional notions of building, allowing for shared resources and circular use.

With the slogan "Think about deconstruction before construction," we crafted a compelling story in the documentary to make the concept of circular architecture easy to understand.
We kept it simple and relatable, so viewers can grasp the importance of circular architecture and ignite their reflection on environmental issues. Just like how a plant needs good cultivation, I believe this documentary is just the beginning and I hope that viewers can take more actions in their future lifestyles to truly create a circular economy.

Director : Anna Kuo
Editor : Dora Tsai
Client : 九典建築文化藝術基金會 Year : 2022

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