[ commercial ]

這是我們和日本鑽戒品牌I-PRIMO合作的第四年了。今年的主題是「The First Step」,旨在描述第一次選購婚戒的體驗,I-PRIMO比任何品牌都重視。

我們隨即想到以夫妻間的各種「第一步」故事為題材, 而這些小故事圍繞在跨出第一步的恐懼、緊張等情感,


這次和導演Zoe一起深入探索了廣告的核心意義,找到屬於我們對於「The First Step」的切入角度,

In our fourth year collaborating with Japan's I-PRIMO, the theme "The First Step" captures the thrill of selecting wedding rings, a priority for I-PRIMO.

We spotlight couples' "first step" stories, centered on overcoming fear and nervousness with love. "Fear stalls, love propels" was our initial insight, forming the basis for four unique stories depicting love's brave expressions – from humble apologies to daring roller coasters. These heartwarming yet lighthearted details enrich our brand video, fostering a deep connection with viewers. Our interactive concept also encourages sharing personal "first step" tales, strengthening our community bond.

This endeavor, in collaboration with director Zoe, explores advertising's essence and embraces a playful approach, notably filming in a complete amusement park. It’s an incredibly enjoyable, unforgettable experience from both creative and execution perspectives.

Director : Zoe Lin
Assitant Director : Dora Tsai

Editor : Dora Tsai

Client : I-PRIMO
Year : 2023