Wayne Huang



The song "Everyday" paints a poignant tale of a soul in despair, finding solace in the unwavering presence of selfless friends, and gradually blooming with renewed hope.
As art director, upon first hearing the song, I was captivated by its mellifluous notes, and inspired by the director's vision of two friends indulging in flights of fancy, exploring the world through their imagination. With a palette of vivid hues, like warm golden tones, fiery reds, and serene blues, I aimed to evoke the blissful essence of a carefree vacation. Infused with whimsical details and playful motifs, my artwork sought to depict the joy and wonder of the friends' imaginative escapades, and the profound impact of genuine companionship on the journey of healing.

Director : Zoe Lin Year : 2021
Art Director : Dora Tsai

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