「我好不容易失去你,不願又失去我」她早已忘記,那個沒有他的自己,到底是什麼樣子? 一場獨白、是自問自答,也是殘酷的自我拷問。


"I lost you once, and I don't want to lose myself again," she thought, struggling to remember who she was without him. Her monologue was a brutal self-interrogation, desperate to break free yet willingly trapped by memories of his tender embrace. The vast prison of her heart was now lined with empty chairs, a testament to regret or hope?

For our latest project, the director and I took on the challenge of a single-take, complex choreography that combined the artist's performance, dance moves, and lighting design. Within a limited timeframe, we aimed to convey the song's pain and leave a lasting impression of the inspiring singer. Though deceptively simple, the task was a formidable feat that demanded utmost trust and collaboration from everyone involved, resulting in a wondrous display of sparks.

Director : Zoe Lin
Assitant Director : Dora Tsai

[ music video ]

Year : 2022