GOLF50年 週年鉅獻

Director : Zoe Lin Agency : Ogilvy 奧美
Editor : Dora Tsai Year : 2024

[ documentary ]




I remember when director Zoe and I were discussing the theme of this film, she said,
"We want to present a kind of collective memory."
This was my second time working on a film where all the footage was provided by the public.
Although it didn’t require any on-location shooting, it posed a different set of challenges.
We couldn’t control the content of the submissions, and new material kept coming in daily.
We couldn’t pre-plan the storyline and had to let fate guide us.

After completing the first cut, the director and I presented it to the client, and to our surprise, we received a lot of praise.
The film was later shown at an outdoor cinema-like event, where all the car owners drove their Golfs to the venue and watched the film from their cars. Many people were moved to tears.

After the project was finished and uploaded to online platforms, I told the director that this film truly belonged to the "Age of Aquarius." It was a film powered by the collective strength of many. Even though the footage wasn’t the most polished, it was 100% genuine. The laughter was real, and the tears were real. This was our gift to all the car owners.