ASus Zenfone3 Zoom

Director : Albert Lan Client : ASUS
Editor : Dora Tsai Year : 2019

[ commercial ]

導演以「人類是天生的探索者」作為主題,發展出Zenfone3 Zoom手機的形象廣告。
在這個廣告中,我們可以看到Zenfone3 Zoom手機的強大功能,讓使用者可以輕鬆地探索世界各地,拍攝美麗的照片和影片。

The director's vision for the Zenfone3 Zoom phone was inspired by the belief that humans are natural-born explorers.
Through a captivating image advertisement, we witness the phone's remarkable capabilities, empowering users to effortlessly discover the world's wonders and capture its beauty.
My aim is to convey the phone's awe-inspiring strength and profound significance in a fleeting moment,
so as to deliver a truly impactful advertising experience for our clients.