ASUS Zenbook
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這是ASUS Zenbook系列十週年的影片,打破了以往週年慶祝影片的固定模式。
正如科技飛速變革,Zenbook 系列在全球市場上已經堅強立足了十年,就像水的適應能力和耐力一樣。

這個影片透過水的意象展示了 Zenbook 系列的過去、現在和未來,

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ASUS Zenbook series, we created a video that breaks away from traditional anniversary films. Through an abstract concept centered around water, we captured the adaptability and resilience of the Zenbook, much like the strength and fluidity of water.
Our message: from small beginnings come great things, and with perseverance, the Zenbook has become an unstoppable force in the global market.

Director : Dora Tsai
Editor : Dora Tsai

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Client : ASUS
Year : 2021