形象廣告 ft.吳慷仁

Director : LEEBO
Production : ProFilm菩羅廣告
Editor : Dora Tsai Year : 2024

[ commercial ]



This branding commercial consists of nine charming little scenes. I really love the creativity behind this ad—it’s relatable with a touch of humor, perfectly capturing the essence of the bag selection brand. Each bag is shown to have its own little universe.

For ads like this, which start and end with a strong image while weaving a narrative in the middle, the challenge is to seamlessly blend the image-focused scenes with the story-driven ones. The connection between the sound and the visuals becomes crucial to ensure the whole piece feels cohesive and doesn’t come across as disjointed.

This is the second time I’ve edited footage featuring the renowned actor Kang Ren Wu. It’s an honor to appreciate his nuanced performance frame by frame from my computer. It’s been another fantastic experience!