"Beyond the Sea" is a serene but emotionally-charged melody that conveys a person's fear of expressing their innermost thoughts.
Only with the trust of their loved ones can they find the courage to open up and reveal their true feelings. To bring the song's message to life, the director created six complex characters, including the inner personas of three band members, whose interwoven stories explore the delicate balance between trust and fear in friendships. The struggles of these characters unfold in a surreal setting: a beachside café that, despite the ocean view, has nothing to do with the sea.

This MV is a masterpiece that transcends its intricate characters and intricate world-building, inspiring a sense of wonder that endures even after years of revisiting it. As I work on this project, I aim to communicate the abstract emotions behind the designs to every member of the production team.

Director : Zoe Lin
Assitant Director : Dora Tsai

[ music video ]

Year : 2021

幕後花絮 BTS