Director : Zoe Lin
Assitant Director : Dora Tsai

Editor : Dora Tsai

[ commercial ]




Do you remember the good old days when we were in high school clubs?

"社團爆爆" is a project that has been helping high school clubs achieve their dreams for years.
Our task this time was to film the competitive cheerleading teams from three high schools. We had a complex shooting plan, including recording rehearsals from different schools, capturing performances on the day, and adding small storylines.
The director wanted to capture the emotions and journeys of these high school students up close, and evoke memories of our shared high school days.

With a massive amount of footage, I did my best to convey the pure passion and dedication of practicing something to perfection, and seamlessly integrated the brand's support for high school clubs into the video.

Client : Coffeeplaza
Year : 2022